Meet Caddy

Caddy McKeown is a coastal moderate with decades of experience representing the South Coast. She grew up here and raised her children here; her family has lived in Coos Bay for four generations. Caddy and her husband Jeff both graduated from Marshfield, as did their son and daughter.

Caddy has spent her life advocating for the prosperity she knows is possible right here on the South Coast. She started her career in public service as a crossing guard at Blossom Gulch Elementary school at a time when the State was not providing student transportation. That experience left Caddy with a clear understanding of the importance of advocating for local needs at a state level.

Caddy went on to join the Coos Bay School Board, where she fought for increased funding and local jurisdiction because Caddy saw that local school districts know better than anyone what their district needs.

Caddy was then tapped by the Governor to serve on the Board of the Port of Coos Bay, where she led efforts to improve infrastructure to expand economic opportunity for our communities. Her service and experience at the Port includes being part of the team that helped facilitate the purchase of the Coos Bay Rail Link when, in 2007, the operator shut down services to the South Coast with little more than a day’s notice. Caddy knew that the lack of freight transportation would be detrimental to South Coast natural resource and business industries so she went as far as going to Washington, D.C. to make the case for the Port to take over the rail line, keeping it open for South Coast economy.

In 2012, Caddy was elected by her neighbors to serve as their State Representative. In that time, Caddy helped pass the largest K-12 budget our schools have ever received, a new set of laws that raises the bar for the care our seniors are receiving in long term care facilities, and the most comprehensive and innovative transportation package in Oregon’s history, funneling more than $14M annually into House District 9 for local improvements to roads, bridges, and transit.

Caddy understands our way of life and, in three terms, has earned a reputation for being willing to stand up to political leaders for what’s right for the coast, not what’s right for the party. The South Coast is one of the most beautiful, unique places on earth. But as the Oregon economy continues to recover, coastal industries lag behind. Our communities are facing unique challenges which is why it’s critical to have leaders in Salem who understand who we are, what makes our communities special, and have a deep understanding of what it takes to ensure the South Coast’s thrives.

In her free time, Caddy, her family, and their Labradors enjoy all the Oregon coast has to offer: hunting, fishing, running, paddleboarding, and spending time with friends and family.

Caddy knows that hearing from you makes her a better legislator. Please feel free to call our office at 541-808-7596 or send an email to – our door is always open.