KEEPING JOBS HERE – Many of the South Coast’s major industries—timber, fishing, tourism— are under constant threat.

And while there is always a lot of talk about bringing new businesses to the area – Caddy’s main priority is to protect our existing industries and the people who live and work here now.

For example: when the Coos Bay rail line was abruptly shut down in 2007, Caddy worked to secure $10 million to restore service.

  • As of 2014, the Rail Link had saved our area approximately $4.47 million in decreased transportation costs, reduced road damages, increased safety, and reduced emissions.
  • The Rail Link lowers the cost of doing business for local industries: forest products, dairy farmers, and others. In 2014, it is estimated to have saved local companies like Georgia-Pacific, Roseburg Forest Products, and Organic Valley Dairy $2.2 million. These companies are key to our local economy: as of 2015, the local businesses that ship via the Coos Bay rail line employed 760 workers with a payroll of $37 million.