IMPROVING EDUCATION – South Coast schools are seriously underfunded – and often times state regulations hurt more than they help. We need to increase funding for both K-12 education and for workforce training programs, so our students can land family-wage jobs after high school.

Caddy’s career in public service started on the Coos Bay School Board in 1989. She spent 11 years on the school board, fighting for the district’s fair share of the state’s education budget. And for policies that make sense to our kids.

And she will be the first to tell you that the K-12 education is underfunded and unbalanced – particularly in rural districts that get passed over time and time again.

In her 6 years in the legislature, Caddy has consistently voted to increase the K-12 education budget, and against regulations that do more harm than good – in 2017, she helped pass the largest K-12 budget in Oregon’s history, and next year she hopes to do the same.

Community Colleges
One of the biggest problems we have with education on the South Coast is providing students with clear pathways to family wage jobs, that don’t involve a 4-year degree or moving to a big city.

Caddy worked for the Oregon Student Assistance Commission for eight years, helping to expand a program that helps students plan for higher education or training programs after high school.

And in Salem, she has worked to increase funding for workforce training programs at Community Colleges, including setting aside over $10 million in 2017 in state funding to renovate Dellwood Hall at Southwestern Oregon Community College.