IMPROVING TRANSPORTATION – Caddy’s top priority in the legislature has been improving access to, from, and within the South Coast – so we can do business here, raise our families here, and retire here.

PROTECTING SENIORS – Caddy has worked tirelessly to pass a set of new laws that  improve the enforcement of health and safety standards at assisted living facilities. Our seniors deserve the best care possible and Caddy has taken action to ensure that our friends and loved ones in long term care facilities keep their dignity and quality of life intact.

IMPROVING OUR SCHOOLS – Caddy served on the Coos Bay School Board for 11 years – she understands that the challenges coastal school districts face are different than the challenges often highlighted in the valley. Caddy knows that local school boards and parents know best how to serve their kids, they just need the resources to do it. That’s why Caddy consistently votes to increase funding for our schools, and helped pass the largest K-12 budget in Oregon’s history.

KEEPING THE SOUTH COAST WORKING – Nobody fights for jobs on the South Coast harder than Caddy McKeown. When the Coos Bay rail line was abruptly shut down in 2007, Caddy worked to restore service, protecting hundreds of local jobs and businesses that rely on freight service. In her first term, Caddy established the Office of Small Business Assistance, which last year alone helped 1125 small businesses cut through red tape and get answers to their questions. Caddy also understands the importance of STEM education and apprenticeship programs and has been a staunch supporter of expanding these programs, recently passing bills that require increased notification of apprenticeships for both high school students and veterans.

IMPROVING ACCESS TO VETERANS SERVICES – Caddy has been focused on helping veterans on the South Coast get the help they need closer to home. She knows that getting services is harder than it should be for too many of our veterans and their families, often involving an onerous trip to Roseburg or Portland. We also know that for every dollar we invest in Oregon’s veterans, $257 dollars goes back into the Oregon economy. That’s why Caddy supported sending an additional $4 million to local Veteran Services Offices around the state, to increase local access and assistance for our veterans.

BOOSTING COASTAL INDUSTRIES – In 2015 Caddy established the Oregon Shellfish Initiative and has secured over $850,00 in funding for the shellfish industry, which generates more than $10 million per year for Oregon’s economy. This year, the Legislature granted $3M for wave energy research, to develop this emerging industry that will capitalize on coastal resources. As a coastal native, Caddy knows our local industries and is poised to keep directing resources toward them.

KEEPING OUR PORTS OPEN – Caddy has brought home millions in state and federal funding for dredging and channel projects. These investments protect the good-paying jobs and industries that rely on our ports being open.