Click here to be redirected to the Secretary of State’s official form and instructions to request an Independent Party of Oregon ballot for the 2018 Primary election. 

If you are a Non-Affiliated Voter, you usually  have to sit out many of the important contested primaries.

But since the Independent Party of Oregon is now a major political party in the state (since 2016) and has opened its primary election to Non-Affiliated Voters, you can elect to receive an Independent Party primary ballot.

Voting in the IPO’s primary won’t change how you are registered — you will still be registered as a Non-Affiliated Voter — but it will ensure you are able to vote in the Primary.

To request an IPO ballot for the 2018 primary, click here.

No matter where we fall on the political spectrum, all Oregonians like having a say in the issues facing our state.

By voting in the Independent Party of Oregon’s primary, you will ensure your voice is heard, loud and clear, by elected officials at all levels.