Caddy Speaks Out on Closure of Baycrest Memory Care

Letter to the Editor: World Newspaper, Coos Bay, OR

We must do better than this. 

I’m disappointed and outraged to learn that, despite multiple attempts from the state to bring Baycrest Memory Care into compliance, the current management company has failed to successfully respond to these efforts and, as a result, will now close.
I am heartbroken and frustrated at the poor conditions these seniors have experienced. In a small town like Coos Bay, many of these residents face extremely limited options for relocation, in addition to the stress caused by any change in daily routine for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. However, we absolutely cannot tolerate exposing our senior citizens, particularly those with dementia, to substandard care.

I’m grateful to the constituents who alerted me to this problem. Since then, I’ve been working with our community and other stakeholders throughout the state to improve the quality of care in Oregon’s residential facilities. That work resulted in the passage of House Bill 3359 which improves training, staffing, oversight, and communication within long-term care facilities, in an effort to avoid situations exactly like this. Implementation of this bill is just beginning but this situation reaffirms my commitment to seeing this through.

Our seniors are some of our most vulnerable citizens and they deserve the best care we can possibly provide them. We must do better than this.

Rep. Caddy McKeown
Oregon State Legislature

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