Rep. Caddy McKeown Fights for $133 Million in South Coast Funding

SALEM –Rep. Caddy McKeown (D-Coos Bay) fought hard for South Coast funding throughout the recently adjourned 2017 Legislative session. The results, over $133 million in funding which will be targeted specifically to House District 9, will build a stronger economy and healthier communities.

Bond funding for projects on the South Coast include $2.75 million for the expansion of Dellwood Hall at Southwestern Oregon Community College, and the issuance of $15 million in bonds for the Coos Bay Channel modification project.

“These projects are an investment in our community, to help ensure a well-trained workforce and family wage jobs right here in Coos Bay and along the coast,” Rep. McKeown said.

This year, Rep. McKeown, as Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation Preservation and Modernization, led a bipartisan group of legislators in crafting a statewide transportation package that will make significant investments on the South Coast.

“The work that went into this transportation package was bipartisan, innovative and collaborative. These investments will keep our economy moving, help make our communities safer, and our air cleaner,” Rep. McKeown added. “I was proud to be at the table when this package was being crafted and to advocate for the Oregon Coast, a place my family has called home for four generations. We face unique challenges on the coast that are different from those in the valley and Portland metro area. That’s why I fought to make sure the transportation package included specific solutions targeted to help rural Oregon. These projects will ensure a strong future for everyone who calls the South Coast home.”

The transportation package sends 50% of new revenues to cities and counties for local maintenance and preservation and funds specific local infrastructure projects, including:

$15.3 million per year in increased transportation maintenance revenue to cities and counties in House District 9
$40 million for replacement of the Scottsburg Bridge on Highway 38
$11.3 million per year in new transit money to transit districts in House District 9

In addition to these regional transportation projects, other major statewide bonding investments that will benefit every community in the state include:

Bond Funds:

  • $100 million for seismic rehabilitation at public school buildings statewide
  • $20 million for seismic rehabilitation at emergency services buildings
  • $80 million for the LIFT housing program
  • $10 million for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund


  • $30 million for Connect Oregon to finance non-highway transportation projects across the state $25 million for affordable housing preservation
  • $5 million for the Oregon Main Street Revitalization grant program
  • $10 million for levee projects around the state


  • $10 million per year for Safe Routes to Schools $130 million per year for transit

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