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My family has lived on the southern Oregon Coast for four generations.  I have served my community proudly for more than twenty years striving to make this district a better place to work, raise a family and get a good education. I see a bright future for the South Coast, but there are challenges to be faced.

Too many of our young families are out of work, or have been forced to leave the area. Tight budgets mean the resources and attention our children need to be successful are not always available. The current economic challenges we face as a state and a region mean critical services are at risk as budgets for programs we all depend on continue to shrink.

Solving these problems will take strong leadership and a willingness to put partisan politics aside to do what’s best for our region, and for Oregon as a whole. We must work together to create jobs and build a strong economy on the South Coast so we can invest in our children’s futures, keep our communities safe and ensure all Oregonians have access to the care they deserve.

I am ready to take on this new challenge and hope that I can count on your support, and your vote, as we work together to build a successful campaign!

Warm regards,